Welcome to Eleda Cattery which is located in the picturesque hills of Mundaring, approx 35 km north-east of Perth in Western Australia. My cattery is a Council Approved Cattery in the Mundaring Shire and I am a registered breeder with COAWA (Cat Owners Association of Western Australia) under the Prefixs’ of Raggaleda and Furreleda.

I have always had a passion for animals and enjoy all aspects of caring for and improving the breeds I work with, I have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and thrive on implementing the knowledge I have gained throughout my life by investing it in the health and well being of my cats and the kittens that I produce. For the last 15 years I have been well known for not only my Ragdolls, British Shorthairs and more recently my Scottish Folds but have been very well known as Australias' Rabbit Lady for many years. I ceased breeding rabbits in 2012 so I could concentrate my efforts on producing some new and exciting colours and patterns in the Brits and Folds program which I am thoroughly enjoying doing with a like minded breeder on the East Coast.

At Eleda Cattery, my philosophy differs to most breeders, but it is a formula I have adopted after many years of knowing what works for me, my cats and my clients. I guess I must be doing something right when I have a number of instances when I have provided kittens for up to three generations in the same families.

I have invested a lot of money, time and energy into the cattery facility I have built amongst my beautifully treed property that I am blessed to call home. It’s here where my cats can play away each day whilst watching the wildlife and native birds frolicking outside. They are 100% secure and safe from predators and have the watchful eye of monitored CCTV on the entire property.

I spare absolutely no expense when it comes to breeding sound quality cats that are free from genetic defects and disease. Scientific testing helps to ensure all my cats and therefore the kittens I breed are the most genetically sound and healthy they can possibly be, in fact you will get a written health guarantee that your kitten is free from breed specific diseases and genetic conditions.

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I pride myself on being as up to date as possible on the most recent research, testing, medical treatment, procedures and scientific breakthroughs when it comes to cats and therefore can usually help my clients with any questions they may have and offer solutions to any concerns they may have. 

Personally as a breeder I still strive to achieve physical conformation in my cats against their specific standard. That means a cat must meet the standards that makes the breed unique – size, body shape, eye shape and colour, nose break, the way the ears and tail are set, the angle of the stance.  But with all that aside the most important thing for me is the cats must be healthy, with each generation further minimising the chance of genetic defects, also have good temeraments. I am proud to offer buyers the joy of owning a healthy, well socialised, beautiful natured, purebred kitten.

All births at Eleda are supervised in case complications arise so the fastest and very best of medical care can be accessed. I have over many years developed an outstanding working relationship with my team of vets and staff at Eastern Hills Veterinary Centre. It’s here where my cats are fortunate to be prioritised, seen and treated within minutes of my phone call if required, incredible service from an incredible team of professionals.

It's really refreshing to meet a breeder that is genuinely knowledgeable and who really cares about their cats. I couldn't have morally brought a new kitten into my home if there was any chance that she could get sick,  so I'm glad I now know for sure

Bruno (Ragdoll kitten buyer) - Perth